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Jan 08

Looking to Reduce Errors and Increase Profit

CONTRACT ERP TWEETED:  contractERP ‏@contractERP7 Jan Improve your architectural openings business! Register for this door & hardware eye-opening webinar-  So, I checked it out. Below are the highlights they will cover in the January 28th webinar.  If you are looking to purchase a new software system, this definitely looks like it would be worth your …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year

Happy 2014! I love new beginnings. The feeling that you are working with a clean slate and all things are possible.  This time of year is when thousands of us declare things we are going to change, remove or add to our lives. Are you a resolutions maker? My goals this year revolve around income …

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Jun 17

Are You Listening?

I’ve spent the last few weeks going over how I use Siri to be productive while I’m driving.  I’ve probably exhausted all of your patience with that topic.  There is one more thing I would like to share before leaving the topic of safely and productively using your drive time. Don’t worry, this one doesn’t …

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Jun 10

How I use Siri – Productivity Siries Part 4

It seems as though I have my best ideas when I am driving.  That could be because I am usually listening to podcasts which inspire creative thinking.  With having gone over how to use Siri to send emails (Productivity Siries Part 3) today I want to share how I send emails to myself and create …

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Jun 03

How I Use Siri – Productivity Siries Part 3

I hope you were able to practice some of the tasks from last week without wanting to throw your phone across the room! Today I will share how I send short email messages while I’m driving.  This took a little more time to learn to do.  Sending anything longer than one sentence was a challenge.  …

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May 20

How I Use Siri – A productivity Siries part 2

Last Monday I went over some very basic ways to get acquainted with Siri. Today, I will get a little more specific on how I use this technology to remain productive while I am on the road for hours at a time. I am using audio clips for two reasons. One, I think it’s important …

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May 16

Design Hardware & Mesker catalogs on your iPad

I have been using iBooks on my iPad to lighten my load.  Can you believe that the device shown on the left can house the contents of your entire bookshelf?  It’s true. When I am working on your quote requests in my hotel room into the wee hours of the morning (anything for my customers) …

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May 13

How I Use Siri – A productivity siries

We have all seen the commercials introducing Siri to the already awesome iPhone feature line-up. She can direct you to the nearest Starbucks, find a restaurant nearby that delivers and a host of other things. We’ve had friends show us the silly questions you can ask her. This was my all time favorite. I am …

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Apr 08

How Do You Take Field Measurements?

How do you take field measurements? Are you utilizing today’s technology when you have to go to a jobsite to measure doors or frames for replacement? I have been playing around with different apps trying to come up with an efficient way to take field measurements on a tablet.  I found adobe ideas, an app …

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Jan 04

Are We Square?

Are you taking advantage of new technology? Sometimes the fear of using new technology holds us back from its benefits.  One such example could be the new “Square”.  Square, Inc allows you to accept credit card payments electronically using a mobile smart phone. Can you imagine your driver showing up at a job site and …

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Aug 13

A costly accident

I was working late one evening last week and spilled wine on my laptop keyboard.  It was literally just a few drops but that was enough to ruin my Mac Book Pro.  I drove two hours to my nearest Apple store to have a technician open it up and see what could be done.  The …

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