Dec 19

Classroom Barricade Devices Are Not The Answer

warning-general-2The Door Security & Safety Foundation has launched a campaign to warn about the dangers of classroom barricade devices.

Sadly, the growing number of school shootings have prompted the public to come up with solutions to locking down a classroom door without rconsidering the additional problems that these devices create.

There are specific life safety and fire codes that door openings must comply with to ensure the safety of building occupants. Classroom barricade devices violate these life-safety and fire codes.

Please watch and share this Door Security & Safety Foundation video and discover why classroom barricade devices are not the answer.



DSSF is asking for your help in spreading this important message.  They are asking us to:

  • WATCH – the above educational video
  • SHARE – The video and online resources on your website, social media, and messages to schools. Use the hashtag #LockDontBlock
  • GIVE – Your financial support helps this message go further and supports other important program.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide in furthering this agenda!


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