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Dec 19

Classroom Barricade Devices Are Not The Answer

The Door Security & Safety Foundation has launched a campaign to warn about the dangers of classroom barricade devices. Sadly, the growing number of school shootings have prompted the public to come up with solutions to locking down a classroom door without rconsidering the additional problems that these devices create. There are specific life safety …

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Jul 10

DHI 2014: Finding Time for Fun!

The DHI Conference would not be complete without an epic adventure with our friends and partners! This year’s adventure started with our annual sales meeting theme “team work”. What better way to represent that theme than by witnessing a team in action. So we loaded up 100 of our closest friends and partners in the …

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Jul 02

Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast Part II

Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast Part II The second speaker for the Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast was brilliant!  Alex L Goldfayn CEO, Evangelist Marketing Institute gave a very memorable presentation geared toward increasing your profits with simple, no-cost marketing strategies.  Alex was very engaging and had the personality and the material to …

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Jul 01

Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast

At past DHI conferences, I have put most of my focus on the expo floor. This year I wanted a different experience so I made a commitment to participate in as many learning opportunities as I could fit in. I am embarrassed to admit that this was my first time attending the Forum for the …

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Jun 30

DHI CoNEXTions 2014

DHI CoNEXTions 2014 I had a wonderful time at the DHI Convention this year. Many things contributed to the success of my trip to Dallas. First and foremost was the pleasure of reconnecting with the many friends that I made over the last two decades working in our industry. I said friends but truth be …

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Mar 15

DHI Executive Summit

I received an email from DHI advertising their Executive Summit event in Las Vegas April 7th-9th.  Their opening line was “hope is not a strategy”.  It immediately reminded me of an exercise Tony Robbins had us participate in during his “Unleash the Power Within” Seminar. Play along with me a minute. Put yourself in a …

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Oct 22

DHI CoNEXTions 2012 Las Vegas

I had a wonderful time at the DHI CoNEXTions 2012 Las Vegas.  The week was full of meetings, (wo)manning our booth, networking and having fun. Even though technically we have co-workers, sales representatives are spread across the country and rarely have the chance to spend quality time together.  Thank you to our team’s National Sales …

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Oct 08

DHI CoNEXTions Conference 2012

I am getting excited about attending the DHI CoNEXTions Conference 2012 in Vegas next week.  This year’s convention will be held in Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel on October 17th & 18th.   Be sure to check out ChannelExchange and SolutionSessions which are additions to the classic conference format. The small niche nature of our industry tends …

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Jun 14

CoNEXTions DHIndustry Convention 2012 Las Vegas

My plans are set for Vegas!  Are yours? The Door and Hardware Institute is in the process of restructuring their Annual Conference & Exposition.  Some of the changes will be in effect at this year’s conference in Las Vegas on October 17th and 18th. To differentiate future events from the past, DHI’s annual trade show …

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Jan 16

DHI Class Pictures

While re-organizing my files for the new year I ran across these DHI Class Pictures.  I thought I would share and bring back memories of the Good Ole Days.  Chime in if you are in these pics, I’d love to get re-acquainted after all we did go to school together. Related PostsFaces of the Industry …

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Nov 17


I had an absolutely marvelous time at the DHI Conference in New York.  It was my first trip to the city and I cannot wait to go back! As expected, the conference was smaller than in years past.  The acquiring of smaller companies by larger entities definitely played a part in fewer exhibitors over recent …

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Nov 01

DHI Future Conference and Expo Concepts

Before I was able to get my thoughts in order and write a post on attending the DHI 2011 Annual Conference, I read this white paper concerning future conventions. Take a moment to read the ideas and report back to DHI with your thoughts/comments/suggestions. DHI-Future-Conference-and-Expo-Concepts

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