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IMG_1192Swing Clear Hinge

Swing clear hinges are special hinges that swing a door completely out of the opening. This allows for maximum clear width of the opening.

A popular application for swing clear hinges is hospital corridors. Having the door tucked out of the opening reduces damage to door edge by stretchers and carts.

You can also use swing clear hinges if you need the full width of the door way to move large equipment or to achieve the required 32″ minimum clear width for ADA compliance.

TemplateHingesHinges: Residential Vs Commercial

In this post we will outline some of the differences between residential and commercial hinges. I specifically say “some” as I am sure I do not cover all them. Please feel free to comment below with any additions. Keep in mind this article covers general differences, there are always exceptions.

The construction and purpose of the door for which the hinges are intended determine what type of hinge is should be selected to provide optimal performance. Because the overall weight and frequency of use of a commercial door is considerably more than its residential counterpart, a heavier duty hinge should be used. This accounts for a larger, thicker hinge.

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