May 24

Mesker will operate as Mesker MBM LP

Mesker MBM LP

SEAS is excited to learn that Mesker Door and HMX have been acquired by a newly created entity: MESKER MBM LP.

On May 3, 2022 dormakaba announced that an agreement had been signed to divest its Mesker business. Below is the official announcement.

dormakaba has signed an agreement to divest its Mesker business Dear dormakaba Associates:As you know, we announced our intent to divest our Mesker business in November 2021. Today, I share with you that dormakaba signed an agreement to sell the Mesker hollow metal doors business to the key Principals of Trimco (Oceanside, California) and Metal Manufacturing Industries/MMI (San Luis Potosi, Mexico). The sale is expected to close by June 30, 2022. After, Mesker will operate under a new entity known as Mesker MBM, LP.

Trimco is a recognized leader in the North American market for innovating, designing, and manufacturing architectural hardware solutions. MMI is the premier hollow metal doors and frames manufacturer in the Mexican market and exports its products to both Central and South America. The key principals from both companies have the expertise needed to enable the historic Mesker hollow metal doors brand to thrive.

The sale of Mesker is in line with our Shape4Growth strategy to generate sustained, profitable growth. It allows dormakaba Americas to focus on our core businesses of Entrance Systems, Access Control Solutions, Door Closers and Services. The sale of Mesker hollow metal doors is not a reflection on the commitment or quality of work by Mesker employees.

Our sales and customer service teams will be working with Mesker customers to support a smooth transition. Although we will no longer sell hollow metal doors, our specifications team will continue to support the Mesker brand product portfolio when writing door schedules. Furthermore, Mesker MBM will be an addition to the successful PROAlliance Partnership.

​​​​​​Please contact your manager with any questions. Thank you for your support of dormakaba and your patience during this transition.


Alex Housten, President Americas

Craig Gilmour, Vice President, Mesker

Message from new leadership team

Jason Bennett, President and CEO at Trimco Hardware and the “B” in MBM, shares that “the ultimate goal is to build on what dormakaba has started in motion and continue to enhance and improve the oldest hollow metal manufacturing company in the industry “Mesker” and to put back the Service in the HMX brand that customers have come to know and trust over the years.

Michael Burtt will continue to be the national sales lead for Mesker. He will be instrumental in bringing back the Mesker Magic!

Moving Forward

We at Southeast Architectural Solutions look forward to continuing our support of Mesker and our loyal customers.

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