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How to Replace a Door Closer

How to Replace a Door Closer

Need to know how to replace a door closer quickly and cost effectively? Design Hardware’s 316R series closer makes replacing a door closer a breeze. 

First the Closer 

The 316R is a heavy duty door closer that meets ANSI A156.4 Grade 1 standards. It has a rack and pinion design and a cast aluminum body. It is a non-handed closer with adjustable spring power from size 1-6.   

The 316R has a UL Listing “A” label and can be installed onto a 3 hour fire rated door. It also meets ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, requirements 

This closer has independent latch and sweep speed controls, as well as back check. The valve are staked to prevent backing valves out too far.  

As a standard, it comes packed with all screws and brackets for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mounting options. 

Finish options include painted aluminum/dark bronze/gold as well as Polished Bright Chrome and Polished Bright Brass. 

As with most Design Hardware products, the 316R Closer comes with a limited life-time warranty. 

Now the Magic, the Mounting Plate 

When you order the Design Hardware 316R, you’re not just getting the heavy duty Grade 1 closer detailed above. The 316R features a special patented mounting plate that enables the 316R closer to retrofit 32 different door closer series from the top manufacturers without having to drill new door prep holes. 

Unless you are replacing with the exact same model and series as the old closer the process of replacing a door closer can be labor intensive. 

When you take the existing closer off the door you are left with the old  mounting holes. Drilling new holes takes time and equipment and often leaves the old holes visible and unsightly. You could be left with a mess.  

Design Hardware’s 316R closer eliminates this concern by including a patented mounting plate that is pre-drilled with mounting holes of the top 33 closers on the market. 

You simply remove the existing closer, line the patented mounting plate up to the existing holes and install the plate to the door. 

You can then easily install the new closer to the mounting plate eliminating the need to drill new holes.

Make the necessary latch & sweep speed and back check adjustments.

Lastly, snap on the cover that is included with this closer for neat, streamlined finish. 

With its 24 strategically placed holes the mounting plate is designed to retrofit Regular Arm, Top Jamb and Parallel Arm installations for the following door closer models: 

  • Corbin Russwin 3200, 3600, 6200, 6400 
  • Design Hardware 116, 316, 416 
  • Dorma 7200, 7300, 8600 
  • Dor-O-Matic SC60, SC70, SC80 
  • LCN 4041, 4110, 1460 
  • Norton 1600, 7500, 7700, 8100, 8300, 8500 
  • Ryobi 1650, 3500, 4500 
  • Sargent 1430 
  • Yale 50, 150, 400, 3100, 3300, 3500, 4400 

This product greatly reduces time on the job not to mention seriously cuts down on the amount of door closers you have to inventory. Both keep more profit in your pocket! 

Contact me for more information and how to purchase this great product so will know how to replace a door closer cost and time efficiently! 

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