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Exit Devices

ExitAn exit device, aka panic device, panic bar, crash bar, push bar, etc. is a piece of hardware designed to allow a door to be opened quickly and safely during a panic situation. Unfortunately, it was tragedies like the Iroquois Theatre Fire in Chicago on December 30th, 1903 that led to the present day life safety codes we have today.

Removable Mullions

What is a Removable Mullion? In the commercial door industry, a hardware mullion is a vertical element that is used with a pair of doors. In an active x inactive application when dealing with a pair of doors, the inactive door is most commonly equipped with flush bolts and a strike to receive the latch …

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Rim Exits

Why is a Rim Called a Rim? Someone new to our industry recently asked me why a Rim Panic Device was called a “Rim”. Not as self explanatory as a vertical rod to be sure.  I explained that I wasn’t sure myself but I would find out.  I turned to Bill Jahns, our hardware guru …

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