Exit Devices

An exit device, aka panic device, panic bar, crash bar, push bar, etc. is a piece of hardware designed to allow a door to be opened quickly and safely during a panic situation. Unfortunately, it was tragedies like the Iroquois Theatre Fire in Chicago on December 30th, 1903 that led to the present day life …

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Swing Clear Hinge Swing clear hinges are special hinges that swing a door completely out of the opening. This allows for maximum clear width of the opening. A popular application for swing clear hinges is hospital corridors. Having the door tucked out of the opening reduces damage to door edge by stretchers and carts. You …

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Correct Door Closer Mounting Position Some insight by the hardware installer and a simple parallel arm mounting plate would have tucked these closers out of site on the other side of the door. On new projects the suggested mounting position should be noted in the hardware schedule. In the after market situation an installer should …

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