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Hinges: Residential vs Commercial

Hinges: Residential vs Commercial

In this post we will outline some of the differences between residential and commercial hinges. I specifically say “some” as I am sure I do not cover all them. Please feel free to comment below with any additions. Keep in mind this article covers general differences, there are always exceptions.

The construction and purpose of the door for which the hinges are intended determine what type of hinge is should be selected to provide optimal performance. Because the overall weight and frequency of use of a commercial door is considerably more than its residential counterpart, a heavier duty hinge should be used. This accounts for a larger, thicker hinge.

Commercial Hinges vs Residential HingesAs you can see in the table, Commercial hinges are generally larger in overall size and manufactured from a thicker gauge metal.   Their knuckle diameter is also considerably beefier.

Although commercial hinges can be ordered with radius corners, they usually have square corners. Residential hinges are more commonly supplied with radius corners, either 1/4” or 5/8”. Note they can be supplied with square corners and on occasion, one leaf with radius corners and the other with square.

TemplateHingesAnother difference between the two is their screw hole patterns. A typical commercial hinge has a half moon screw hole pattern, referred to as a “template” hinge. Commercial hinges are manufactured with this “template” hinge screw pattern in accordance with BHMA A156.7, which was established to ensure continuity between manufacturers of commercial doors, frames and hinges.

Can you  imagine what a nightmare it would be if that were not the case!

Residential hinges typically have a staggered, or “W”, screw hole pattern. In some cases residential screw hole patterns can be unique to a specific manufacturer, causing trouble if one of the components in the opening needed to be replaced.

As stated above, these are just a few of the differences between residential and commercial hinges. After all my years in the industry, I am still amazed at all there is to learn about hinges.

Please join in the fun and add your comments and input below. Per a quote from a good friend and customer – “not one of us knows it all, but together we do!”


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