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Dec 19

Classroom Barricade Devices Are Not The Answer

The Door Security & Safety Foundation has launched a campaign to warn about the dangers of classroom barricade devices. Sadly, the growing number of school shootings have prompted the public to come up with solutions to locking down a classroom door without rconsidering the additional problems that these devices create. There are specific life safety …

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Jun 05

What are they waiting for?

I don’t want to be standing near this door with these screws finally give. Related PostsTools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set An Exit or Not an Exit? Wordless Wednesday – Fire Rated Opening Doors Must Remain Closed At All Times Annual Fire Door Inspections are needed!

Mar 11

Safety Hinges on Education

As with anyone tackling the current issue of security in our schools, I write this post with a heavy heart.   However, as part of the building industry, I feel I would be derelict in my role as an educator not to continue the call to action with the mission of keeping our children safe. We …

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Dec 10

Are you safe?

Having worked in the door & hardware industry for 18 years, I am passionate about fire and life safety.  I am registered with google keywords to receive an email every time the term “fire door” makes it in the news.  Unfortunately, most of those emails bring tragic news.  And even more unfortunate is the fact …

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Oct 17

Exit Doors Too Inconspicuous?

On a recent business trip I was visiting a large outdoor gear shop and came upon these interesting doors.  The doors, as well as the walls on either side are covered with what looks to be tiles of tree bark. Although I do think they are architecturally pleasing, I wonder if they push the limit …

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May 29

Standing up for Life Safety

Monday night Zumba classes at my local gym are very popular.  A little too popular I fear. The classes have become so crowded that I avoid them like the plague, well like a fire emergency to be more exact. A couple of months ago I quit attending the Monday night classes and made a comment …

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Aug 23

Back to School

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Many families across the nation are adjusting to the demands of a new school year.  It seems like just yesterday my children were starting kindergarten but this year my three are going to college! Boy, how time flies.  It is sad to me that while I was walking the …

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