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Dec 19

Classroom Barricade Devices Are Not The Answer

The Door Security & Safety Foundation has launched a campaign to warn about the dangers of classroom barricade devices. Sadly, the growing number of school shootings have prompted the public to come up with solutions to locking down a classroom door without rconsidering the additional problems that these devices create. There are specific life safety …

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Aug 30

Frames Twisted or Set Out of Square

Frames Twisted or Set Out of Square If you need installation or troubleshooting information, The Steel Door Institute has you covered. If you have not checked out the instructional videos  you are missing out.  These are a great resource for your team or to pass along to a contractor or customer. Related PostsTools of the …

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May 12

The Door Switch An Anti-Ligature Device

The Door Switch An Anti-Ligature Device The door switch is an over the door sensor that helps in alerting behavioral healthcare staff when an inpatient attempts self harm.  A top of the door safety alarm that notifies attending nurses when there is an inpatient hanging suicide attempt.  Due to the rising trend of inpatient suicide, …

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Aug 24

Proper Jobsite Storage of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

The 2015 summer season has been wrought with torrential downpours in the southeast.  The first two weeks of August saw an accumulation of nearly 6″ of rain over parts of Florida. With all of that moisture it’s important that your superintendents are aware of the proper jobsite storage of hollow metal doors and frames. See …

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Feb 19

Hampton Inn’s Forever Young Initiative

For those that are just discovering the barn doors requirements for Hampton Inn’s Forever Young Initiative, here is a little information that may help you. For hoteliers planning to build new Hampton Inns or spiff up their existing franchised properties, Hilton’s corporate leaders have launched an improvement campaign aimed at keeping the ubiquitous brand fresh …

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Jul 02

Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast Part II

Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast Part II The second speaker for the Forum for the Future Kick-Off Breakfast was brilliant!  Alex L Goldfayn CEO, Evangelist Marketing Institute gave a very memorable presentation geared toward increasing your profits with simple, no-cost marketing strategies.  Alex was very engaging and had the personality and the material to …

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May 21

Special-Lite & UF Build Storm Simulator

“I will write great blog posts with consistency” – Take 121 “No really, this time I will!” – Take 113 I have been busy traveling about my territory meeting new people, adding new lines, learning about new products, and fitting in a little fun. Shame on me for not keeping you up to date on …

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Jan 07

New Year, New Mesker Door Products

New Year New Products – Mesker Door Mesker Door had an exciting 2013.  Mesker added so many new products during the year that I wanted to make sure you heard about them all! Here is a list of some of the things Mesker Door has added to their line-up. Expansion of Speed To Market Programs …

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Jun 18

Construction In My Small Town

I live in a town with a population of just over 2000 people.  Trenton, Florida is located in Gilchrist County, the smallest county in Florida.  My children graduated from a class of less than 100 students. Gainesville, which is approximately 30 miles to the east, is the nearest city of any size. Trenton boasts it …

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May 31

Swapping my iPad for a Pulaski

Over the Memorial Day Weekend I had the pleasure of trading in my office tools for trail maintenance tools.  Volunteering for an Appalachian Trail Work crew is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress. And it is most effective. I spent a full day working with the Konnarock crew on a trail relocation near …

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May 24

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men. -Minot J. Savage Let’s remember to honor those men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy all the freedoms this country has to offer. I sincerely hope you enjoy your upcoming three day weekend. It should …

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May 17

Yikes! I’ve committed to a Tough Mudder, now what!

Friday posts are for fun!  That is not in debate. What is in debate is whether what I have gotten myself into can be considered “fun!” I have officially declared that I’m all in as a team member for the St. Louis Tough Mudder  Obstacle Course. I know, right!  What was I thinking. Not familiar …

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