Jun 14

CoNEXTions DHIndustry Convention 2012 Las Vegas

My plans are set for Vegas!  Are yours?

The Door and Hardware Institute is in the process of restructuring their Annual Conference & Exposition.  Some of the changes will be in effect at this year’s conference in Las Vegas on October 17th and 18th.

To differentiate future events from the past, DHI’s annual trade show will now be known as CoNEXTions DHIndustry Convention 2012 Las Vegas.

CoNEXTions represents the focus of this year’s events, connecting channel partners and prospects. I feel it’s a great name as it brings to mind making connections, networking, and what’s next on the horizon for our industry.

I understand a time and monetary commitment to attend may seem out of your reach.  But attending our industry’s only convention can have just the energizing affect that you and your business may benefit from.

More than any other time during my 18 years in this industry distributors have the need to reach out and connect with each other to see what is working and what isn’t.  Although reaching out to a direct competitor may not be desirable, attending the convention gives you the opportunity to meet distributors across the US and International communities.

The Mesker and Design teams invite our distributors to networking dinners during the show dates.  These dinners are a more intimate setting than a large party and allow for one on one discussions between our customers world wide.

Last year during one of these dinners in New York City I overheard one of my Florida distributors talking about specific labor costs/charges/profitability with a distributor from another market.  My customer actually took notes.  He commented that aside from the trade show floor, attending our dinner made his trip worth the time and money spent.

I commend DHI on their efforts to restructure and stay current and innovative.  Let us all follow their example by meeting in Vegas on October 17th  & 18th!

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