Oct 22

DHI CoNEXTions 2012 Las Vegas

I had a wonderful time at the DHI CoNEXTions 2012 Las Vegas.  The week was full of meetings, (wo)manning our booth, networking and having fun.

Even though technically we have co-workers, sales representatives are spread across the country and rarely have the chance to spend quality time together.  Thank you to our team’s National Sales Managers, Nick McCarty and Joe Lopez.  Not only did they pull off a fun annual sales meeting, they made sure we had ample opportunities to have dinner with our professional families.  It was wonderful getting to know everyone better and sharing territory travel tips and experiences.


The DHI Convention allows for the ideal atmosphere for spending time with your customers.  What is a better way to get to know someone than sharing a vacation.  I feel we have been spoiled the last two years with venues like New York and Las Vegas. They both afforded multiple entertainment options. It is not everyday that you can have a drink with a customer in a bar that is Minus 5 Degrees (C).

Yes, take time for all that the convention has to offer including walking the trade show floor, attending Forum For The Future, educational opportunities, etc.  This year offered new events like the ChannelExchange and SolutionSessions.  But why stop there.  Get out and see what the host city has to offer.

My only complaint about this years convention was the poor cell service in the convention hall.  I had intentions of keeping my social media followers up to date on the convention happenings.  I feel we missed out on the opportunity to educate SoMe followers on what DHI offers. Not only did I not have the ability to tweet a pic, but I couldn’t receive calls, emails or texts.  I did not like being out of contact with my customers for such a long period.

I am already looking forward to Dallas 2014.  I think I will freshen up on my line dancing skills!

Comment below and share your experiences/thoughts.

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