Mar 15

DHI Executive Summit

I received an email from DHI advertising their Executive Summit event in Las Vegas April 7th-9th.  Their opening line was “hope is not a strategy”.  It immediately reminded me of an exercise Tony Robbins had us participate in during his “Unleash the Power Within” Seminar.

Play along with me a minute. Put yourself in a state of hope.  Imagine yourself hoping for something, something you really want.  What is your body language like when you are hoping?  Go ahead, join in on this exercise.  How are you sitting/standing, where are your hands when you are hoping? How are your shoulders? What is your facial expression, what are your eyebrows doing? How are you breathing?

OK, shake that off…take a deep breath and a stretch.

Humor me and let’s try one more thing.  Now, I would like you to put yourself in a state of anticipation. Imagine something you really want is about to be yours.  It is a certainty. This something you want is within your grasp and all you have to do reach out and grab it. It is right there!  How is your body language when you are anticipating an exciting certainty? Did your breathing change immediately?  Did your shoulders rise at least an inch!  I bet you are smiling. What are your hands doing now?

“Hope sucks!” Tony Robbins.

I would say DHI is most definitely correct in saying hope is not a strategy!  Do you have a strategy? If so, is it up to date with the changing times? Do you know what’s coming next? If you do not have a strategy, seriously, don’t you think you should?

Please take time and read over the mailing that DHI sent out a few weeks ago detailing the agenda of their Executive Summit.  If you didn’t get one, I’m sure DHI would be happy to send you out one.

In the packet, DHI states “It’s not about being reactive in your actions, it’s about being intentional in your strategy”.

It’s the only place where you can gather with like-minded, progressive thinking distributor executives from your own industry to hear the results of industry-specific research on the convergence between door and hardware and the integrated security distribution channels.  The Executive Summit is your exclusive opportunity to learn proven best practice techniques, and receive invaluable tools to capitalize on new growth opportunities, manage the threats, and increase actionable outcomes as you face this and other critical issues.

Here is a list of reasons DHI gives to consider attending the DHI Executive Summit:

  • A convergence is occurring between the door and hardware and the integrated security industries.
  • Traditional distribution channel boundaries are becoming less clearly defined
  • The end user needs and demands attention. Will if be your attention he receives?
  • Security dealers, system integrators and other value-added service providers represent threats to your company’s future growth.

After reviewing the entire packet I was sold on the value of this summit.  I am very regretful that due to previous calendar commitments I will not be able to attend.  If you are planning on retiring or selling out in the next few years, probably no burning reason to go.  But, if you are like most of us and plan to be in this industry for a decade of more, this summit will be of great value in making sure you are able to be.

These are just a few sessions on the agenda:

  • Becoming Market Driven
  • Understanding End Users
  • The Future of Access Control
  • Partnering with System Integrators
  • Proactive Selling
  • Collections

There is also a session on getting the most out of the ISC Show which you will be able to attend April 10th through 12th.

Pull out the packet, put on your CEO hat, put yourself in a state of anticipation and strategize!



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