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Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set

Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set

imageMany of the tools that you will read about on this blog I haven’t actually seen used in the field.  The PL2 Frame Set is an exception.   I have seen this tool in action during a job site walk-through scheduled to discover who to blame, the reason for locks not functioning properly.

As you can imagine the manufacturer of each component of the opening wanted to be present during the walk through. Each had a significant financial stake in the outcome as the project was a large multi floor dormitory at UGA.

I was there as a representative for Mesker, the hollow metal frame manufacturer along with Buddy Wilson, an inside team member from the Mesker Huntsville plant. Also in attendance were representatives for the wood door and hardware manufacturers as well as the installer, the contractor and UGA.  We were all ready to defend our products and position.

Without going into detail I can share that the PL2 Frame Set that Buddy brought along quickly determined that the problem did not lie with the fabrication or the installation of the hollow metal frames. We were able to continue the walk through confident of our position.

The PL2 Frame Set is definitely a tool worth checking into.  Click on the picture below to check out their website.

imageThe intuitive design of the PL2 Frame Set allows anyone on the work site to check and make precise alighments.

  • Door frames are aligned the first time, everytime.
  • No guesswork. No calculations. No mistakes.
  • It’s quick. It’s uncomplicated. It’s accurate.
  • Can be used in both commercial and residential applications.
  • Comes in its own carrying case.

The PL2 Frame Set is Long Lasting & Durable. Made of study commercial grade aluminum it is made to withstand the demands of a job site. It won’t bend, break or become unaligned during normal use.

Next week’s Tool of the Trade: The Door Gap Gauge

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