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Aug 30

Frames Twisted or Set Out of Square

Frames Twisted or Set Out of Square If you need installation or troubleshooting information, The Steel Door Institute has you covered. If you have not checked out the instructional videos  you are missing out.  These are a great resource for your team or to pass along to a contractor or customer. Related PostsClassroom Barricade Devices …

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Jan 19

Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set

Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set Many of the tools that you will read about on this blog I haven’t actually seen used in the field.  The PL2 Frame Set is an exception.   I have seen this tool in action during a job site walk-through scheduled to discover who to blame, the reason …

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Jun 05

What are they waiting for?

I don’t want to be standing near this door with these screws finally give. Related PostsSafety Hinges on Education Are you safe? Standing up for Life Safety Back to School

May 29

An Exit or Not an Exit?

To Be An Exit or Not To Be An Exit, that is the question!   Related PostsGoing Up? True Innovation Stop the Abuse! 6 Month Old Opening, Disgraceful Unique Door Pull

May 15

Wordless Wednesday – Fire Rated Opening

I can’t talk, but you can!  Tell me what you think about this fire rated opening.  Related PostsFire Door Inspections & Healthcare Facilities Rusty Closers Huh? A bottle opener in the bathroom Horseshoe Hinges Need Fire Door Solutions?

Nov 28

Doors Must Remain Closed At All Times

I am glad it is wordless Wednesday because the following left me speechless! Doors Must Remain Closed At All Times Related PostsFacilities gearing up for annual fire door inspections Fire Door Assembly Inspections Fire Rated Doors It is a fire rated corridor until one door is left open

Oct 17

Exit Doors Too Inconspicuous?

On a recent business trip I was visiting a large outdoor gear shop and came upon these interesting doors.  The doors, as well as the walls on either side are covered with what looks to be tiles of tree bark. Although I do think they are architecturally pleasing, I wonder if they push the limit …

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Oct 03

Annual Fire Door Inspections are needed!

While opening my hotel room door during a recent business trip, I immediately noticed something was amiss.  We all have our system of struggling against the door to get ourselves and luggage through the opening with our hands full.  As I pushed my room door open with my shoulder it swung open easily and remained …

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Nov 09

Inventive Latch Guard

Related PostsSnake Door Pull Do what? New Products from the Hollow Metal Industry! Old Door Beautiful Doors of Savannah

Apr 06

Peek-A-Boo…I don’t want to see you!

This is my plea to all Architects designing commercial gang bathrooms.  And this is not, I repeat not just because I represent a Hollow Metal Frame manufacturer! I would like you to consider specifying Hollow Metal Frames with undersized or full louvered Wood Doors in lieu of Toilet Partitions. I have not discussed this issue …

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