Apr 06

Peek-A-Boo…I don’t want to see you!

This is my plea to all Architects designing commercial gang bathrooms.  And this is not, I repeat not just because I represent a Hollow Metal Frame manufacturer!

I would like you to consider specifying Hollow Metal Frames with undersized or full louvered Wood Doors in lieu of Toilet Partitions.

I have not discussed this issue with other women so I am only speaking for myself when I say that using a public restroom can leave me feeling quite vulnerable.  The gaps created by a toilet partition system, even when ordered and installed perfectly can be quite disconcerting.  But, when installed badly can leave 1/2″ or more gaps between the pilasters and doors, leaving you quite exposed!  Now,  I’m not saying that women go around  peeking on each other purposefully but children do!

I understand that if installed correctly toilet partitions wouldn’t have so much of a gap, but that is very rare!  And I am not throwing the toilet partition suppliers or installers under the bus.  The center to center of the plumbing, the exact placement of the toilet, the reinforcements behind the walls and many more aspects go into the installation process. So blame does not rest on one trade.

The pictures below show public bathrooms that have used commercial hollow metal frames with wood doors.  In one example the wood door was undersized to 5’0″ then centered in the frame, and in the other  a full louvered door was used.

I was caught in the act of taking pictures in one of these bathrooms, and I can tell you that the woman that caught me wasn’t very happy about it.  I told her it was for a blog I was working on for work, but that didn’t help. She nervously laughed and got the heck out of there!


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  1. Ginny

    Are you taking compromising pictures again? :) In all seriousness I agree with you. Sometimes those gaps are 3/4 – 1″ and I don’t need everyone seeing my business!

    1. admin

      Again!? lol. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Bob Borson @ Life of an Architect

    This is a very clean look and I can appreciate the issues you bring up. It’s not normally a concern for men but I will tell you that I always feel that a bathroom that is outfitted with HM door jambs and not with toilet partition wall systems feels more up-scale.

    Thanks for braving the toilet room with your camera – your dedication alone merits applause!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Bob…I was quite embarrassed being caught taking pictures, but anything goes for a blog post!

  3. Lori Greene

    I get caught taking pictures all the time! Even if you’re not in the bathroom, people still think you’re weird for taking photos of doors. Get used to it. :-)

    And I agree with the topic of your post…I have come to appreciate pit stops at McDonalds because I know they’re going to have real walls with doors.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment, Lori. I have a long way to go before I collect as many pictures as you!

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