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Jul 10

Going Up?

I am super busy (yay!) and wasn’t going to post today, but this came across my desk.  It’s not my scope but I couldn’t resist. It makes a perfect Wordless Wednesday pic!  Have a great day. Related PostsNew Products from the Hollow Metal Industry! Inventive Latch Guard Old Door Beautiful Doors of Savannah

Jul 03

True Innovation

Love this!

Jun 19

Stop the Abuse!

How would you stop the abuse?  

Jun 12

6 Month Old Opening, Disgraceful

Below are pictures of a 6 month old Subway restaurant restroom door.  Clearly cost was a factor.  The residential grade privacy set proved to be no match for the 1 3/4″ solid core commercial wood door and has already failed.  The closer does slowly close the door, but doesn’t have the power to latch it. …

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May 29

An Exit or Not an Exit?

To Be An Exit or Not To Be An Exit, that is the question!   Related PostsFrames Twisted or Set Out of Square Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set What are they waiting for? Doors Must Remain Closed At All Times Exit Doors Too Inconspicuous?

May 15

Wordless Wednesday – Fire Rated Opening

I can’t talk, but you can!  Tell me what you think about this fire rated opening.  Related PostsFire Door Inspections & Healthcare Facilities Are you safe? Need Fire Door Solutions? Facilities gearing up for annual fire door inspections Annual Fire Door Inspections are needed!

Mar 27

Unique Door Pull

I love the look of this unique door pull on the restroom doors at Loco Burro in Gatlinburg, TN.  Very industrial looking and probably easy to replicate with real piping. 27

Feb 27

Rusty Closers

I don’t know why, but I was sort of surprised to find that closers had been mounted on the exterior side of  doors on the cruise ship. You would think it would be more obvious to mount the closers on the interior in such a corrosive environment as the ocean! I did see quite a …

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Feb 20

Huh? A bottle opener in the bathroom

This did leave me speechless.  Here is a picture of our bathroom while on board the Celebrity Constellation.  As I am zooming in, you will notice my area of focus.  What is that?  Yep a bottle opener! In the bathroom? Yep.     Interesting indeed.  No need to get up, just a perpetual cycle, never …

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Jan 21

Horseshoe Hinges

I did not have time to hike on my recent trip to Knoxville, but I was able to spare some time to go the scenic route and drive up through the GSMNP. Although short on time, there was NO way that I was going to drive through without getting out somewhere!  I decided to stop …

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Nov 15

Snake Door Pull

Bill Jahns took this picture of a beautiful snake door pull while in Vegas for the DHI Convention. Thanks for sharing, Bill!

Jun 06

Do what?

During a panic situation these instructions may be confusing!

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