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Aug 30

Frames Twisted or Set Out of Square

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.59.58 PM

Frames Twisted or Set Out of Square If you need installation or troubleshooting information, The Steel Door Institute has you covered. If you have not checked out the instructional videos  you are missing out.  These are a great resource for your team or to pass along to a contractor or customer. Related PostsClassroom Barricade Devices …

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Jan 19

Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set


Tools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set Many of the tools that you will read about on this blog I haven’t actually seen used in the field.  The PL2 Frame Set is an exception.   I have seen this tool in action during a job site walk-through scheduled to discover who to blame, the reason …

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Jan 08

Looking to Reduce Errors and Increase Profit

CONTRACT ERP TWEETED:  contractERP ‏@contractERP7 Jan Improve your architectural openings business! Register for this door & hardware eye-opening webinar-  So, I checked it out. Below are the highlights they will cover in the January 28th webinar.  If you are looking to purchase a new software system, this definitely looks like it would be worth your …

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Apr 08

How Do You Take Field Measurements?


How do you take field measurements? Are you utilizing today’s technology when you have to go to a jobsite to measure doors or frames for replacement? I have been playing around with different apps trying to come up with an efficient way to take field measurements on a tablet.  I found adobe ideas, an app …

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Mar 09

Fraction Decimal Conversion Chart

Decimal Conversion Chart

I created a fraction/decimal conversion chart for you to use.   Find it on page “Doors 101″ to download and print. More tools of the trade on the way.

Aug 15

Punch & Dimple Hollow Metal Frames


“The RIGHT Toolz 2-Use to Move, Adjust, Install & Maintain Commercial Doors “ Need to prep Frames for Existing Masonry Anchors? Punch & Dimple Hollow Metal Frames on the Jobsite in a SNAP!! Related PostsProud to be a part of HMXpress What is a Kerf Frame? Mesker Kerf Frames Hollow Metal 4″ Frame Head Mesker …

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Aug 05

Need a Door and Hardware Installer?


Ever been to a movie where someone other than the star steals the show? Like Rupert Everett did in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. On a recent jobsite visit that’s exactly what happened. On Wednesday, July 27th representatives from Mesker Door, Best/Stanley, Oshkosh Door, UGA Housing Authority, Juneau Construction and Architectural Door & Hardware met to discuss …

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Jul 19

Commercial Door Field Measuring Chart

Field Measure Chart - Single

I can use your expertise.  I am trying to develop a commercial door field measuring chart for myself and to share with customers.  Review what I have so far and comment any suggestions you have. Related PostsWhat is a Double Egress Opening? Mesker Southeast Ft. Lauderdale, Florida HM Door & Frame Installation Demonstration Installation Demonstration …

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