Nov 17


I had an absolutely marvelous time at the DHI Conference in New York.  It was my first trip to the city and I cannot wait to go back!

As expected, the conference was smaller than in years past.  The acquiring of smaller companies by larger entities definitely played a part in fewer exhibitors over recent years, as did the economy.  But I am not convinced that those conditions worked against us.

Fewer exhibitors made for a more relaxed atmosphere.  There was no need to rush to be able to get through the entire hall. Attendees were able to spend more time at each booth learning about new products.  That is what a manufacturer hopes for when investing time and money to exhibit, good quality conversations with existing and prospective customers.  I think that was accomplished. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Mesker and Design booth.

The exhibit hours were not the only way our team spent time with our customers.    We spent two nights having a great time with our customers over dinner.  This was my favorite part of the trip.  I always enjoy getting together with other door & hardware industry professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. It was a good venue for getting to know each other better, discussing ideas, and making friends.

I hope to see you all in Las Vegas!

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without pictures of interesting doors I found in NYC.

Elevator Doors in Chelsea's Market

Short Door on Side of St. Thomas Church

Beautiful Old Hinges & Embellishments

Another Door at St. Thomas Church in Manhattan

Beautiful Pull

St. Thomas Entrance

Beautiful Outer Doors at Front Entrance

You might be seeing this as a Christmas Card in the near future :~)

Gorgeous strap hinges

mmm makes me hungry

Large Barn Type Sliding Doors

Very Artsy Door Pull in Soho

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