May 13

How I Use Siri – A productivity siries

We have all seen the commercials introducing Siri to the already awesome iPhone feature line-up. She can direct you to the nearest Starbucks, find a restaurant nearby that delivers and a host of other things.

We’ve had friends show us the silly questions you can ask her. This was my all time favorite.

I am sad to say that cracks me up every time!

But, I have actually found Siri to be a helpful assistant.  I use her most when I am driving and can access her through my headphones with the push of a button.  I do wish I could change her voice, maybe to that of an Australian male.  I’m sure that’s in the works!

For a list of the most popular ways people use Siri follow these instructions.  Push and hold the home key to wake her up.  Then touch the “i” after the “what can I help you with?”   She is so willing to help!  A list of popular commands appear.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173

IMG_2031Since I travel a lot, one of the ways I utilize this technology is to ask what weather conditions are like in the area I am traveling to.

Here is an example:

I am given a 6 day forecast as shown in the screen shot on the left.  That particular day she delivered wonderful news for the weather in Knoxville.

Over the next few Mondays I will be sharing specific ways that I use Siri as a tool in my productivity arsenal. Have a great week!




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