Jun 03

How I Use Siri – Productivity Siries Part 3

I hope you were able to practice some of the tasks from last week without wanting to throw your phone across the room!

Today I will share how I send short email messages while I’m driving.  This took a little more time to learn to do.  Sending anything longer than one sentence was a challenge.  You have to know exactly what you are going to say before you call Siri to action.

My first attempts were quite frustrating and ended in a lot of failures.  My mind would go blank and Siri will not let you pause, not even a second. If you do, she thinks you are finished and cuts you off.   The trick is to keep them short.

Here is an example of me sending an email to a customer to confirm an appointment for the following day.  

IMG_2034In the audio clip, you hear me snap the screen shot on the left so you can see that it worked!  I forgot to mention to Ginny that I was sending that email as an example and to ignore it.  Shortly after I sent it, I received an email back from here stating that she didn’t remember we had a meeting.  Oops, sorry Ginny.

My email was accurately sent while I continued to drive safely.  Don’t get discouraged, keep practicing this one.  I can now send longer emails with a higher success rate.

Next week I will cover how to use her to create tasks in Outlook.

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