Jun 17

Are You Listening?

IMG_2479I’ve spent the last few weeks going over how I use Siri to be productive while I’m driving.  I’ve probably exhausted all of your patience with that topic.  There is one more thing I would like to share before leaving the topic of safely and productively using your drive time. Don’t worry, this one doesn’t include summoning Siri.

I wanted to share the wealth of free information and entertainment that can accessed through podcasts.

PodcastAppPodcasts are a type of digital file, usually audio, that can be downloaded to an mp3 player. The word podcast is derived from broadcast and “pod” from the success of iPods, because most podcasts are listened to on portable media players.

Simply download the podcast app and you can browse through many categories, such as Arts, Business, Comedy, Sports, and more.  I am sure you will find something that interests you.

My favorite category is business.  Below is a list of most downloaded podcasts from iTunes in the business category.  The Dave Ramsey Show, EntrepreneurOnFire and EntreLeadership are some of my favorites.   I hope you take the time to check into podcasts and find some you enjoy.

  1. The Dave Ramsey Show
    Dave Ramsey

    The Dave Ramsey Show
  2. APM: Marketplace
    American Public Media
  3. HBR IdeaCast
    Harvard Business Review
  4. APM: Marketplace Money
    American Public Media
  5. Social Media Marketing Podcast | Content Marketing | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ | Blogging | Pinterest
    Michael Stelzner: Experts help you improve your social media marketing, content marketing and much more!
  6. The EntreLeadership Podcast
    Dave Ramsey, hosted by Chris Hogan
  7. Entrepreneur On Fire | Seth Godin | Tim Ferriss | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | G+ | Blogging | Podcasting
    John Lee Dumas: Incredible Entrepreneurs share amazing insights on | Starting an Online Business | Content Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Passive Income | Internet Marketing | Online Marketing | Email Marketing | & more!
    Full Episode
  9. Wall Street Journal This Morning
    The Wall Street Journal
  10. Motley Fool Money
    The Motley Fool


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