Jun 18

Construction In My Small Town

I live in a town with a population of just over 2000 people.  Trenton, Florida is located in Gilchrist County, the smallest county in Florida.  My children graduated from a class of less than 100 students. Gainesville, which is approximately 30 miles to the east, is the nearest city of any size.

Trenton boasts it is home to the one stop light in the entire county.  Yes, you heard that right. We have one, only one, traffic light in the entire county!

Not much happens in a small town so we were all excited when a new construction project started on a lot near the above mentioned one and only light.  I asked around about what was going to be built.  I absolutely did not believe the answer I heard, even though I heard it from several people.  I went on line to check the story out.  It turned out to be correct, a McDonalds was coming to Trenton.  A McDonald’s?  In Trenton, Fl?  Crazy but true.

IMG_0208I stopped by the site the other morning on my way to civilization and asked if I could take some pictures of a HM Frame that had recently been set in the block wall.   They were very generous in letting me onto the site to take some pics.  I can never get enough pictures to use in my training presentations.

The picture to the left shows the frame floating above the ground.  The mason told me that this was the result of the block being laid prior to the foundation being poured.  This way the work needing to be completed before the foundation, such as plumbing, wouldn’t hold up the overall progress of the project.

I was in a hurry and only took pictures of the frame, but plan to visit frequently to get more pictures for you.

Wow, a McDonalds…in Trenton!

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