May 20

How I Use Siri – A productivity Siries part 2

Last Monday I went over some very basic ways to get acquainted with Siri. Today, I will get a little more specific on how I use this technology to remain productive while I am on the road for hours at a time.

I am using audio clips for two reasons. One, I think it’s important for you to hear Siri actually working.  You will find it isn’t quite as easy as in the commercials. Getting Siri to respond accurately the majority of the time has taken some practice. I finally found a cadence that she “likes” which you will be able to hear in the recordings. Secondly, I love to learn new things and it was a challenge to learn how to post audio clips in my blog. I hope you find them useful.

The first task I will cover in this post is how to use Siri to schedule reminders for you.  Say you are on the road and you just had a phone conversation that resulted in something you need to remember to do.

In the olden days (heehee) it would look something like this…knee on the steering wheel, shoulder crunched up to the ear to hold the phone, one hand holding a pen, the other a notepad.  One eye on the road (hopefully) and the other on what you are writing.

Now, it can be much safer for you to remember to do the necessary task.  I would just click and hold the remote mic button and …

On the date and time I specified, my phone alarm would alert me and remind me of the task.

shutterstock_137071307If the aforementioned phone call resulted in a new appointment, Siri can take care of that for you, as well. Again, tap and hold the remote mic button…


But, say you are trying to set up an appointment and already have one scheduled at that same time creating a conflict.  Don’t worry…

All that accomplished with my hands and eyes on the road. Brilliant!

This “Siries” may be even more helpful considering it will be illegal to text and drive in Florida very soon.

Using Siri can be frustrating at times, but like many things it is a communication issue. You have to learn each other and it gets better with use, trust me and forge ahead.

Go ahead and practice a little bit.  Next week we will tackle emails.

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