Jan 08

Looking to Reduce Errors and Increase Profit


Improve your architectural openings business! Register for this door & hardware eye-opening webinar- http://bit.ly/AOweb 

So, I checked it out. Below are the highlights they will cover in the January 28th webinar.  If you are looking to purchase a new software system, this definitely looks like it would be worth your time to check out.

Opening distributors have always been challenged with maintaining total visibility throughout their entire company and insuring the profitability of every job.

Register for this eye-opening webinar to discover how to react proactively to important business issues.

Join Division 8 Software expert, Bill Natalie, to discover how you can:

  • Save time and money with detailing software integration

  • Gain visibility into project profitability by managing contract sales

  • Reduce errors and increase profit by effectively managing contract change orders

  • Eliminate “bone yard” inventory by centralizing the purchasing process.

  • Improve cash flow through real-time billing

  • Defeat barriers to growth

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