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Oct 12

Facilities gearing up for annual fire door inspections

Here is just one example of articles that are appearing in facility maintenance related magazines concerning the requirements of annual fire door inspections. If it is not yet being enforced in your area, it is just a matter of time.     Related PostsCorrect Door Closer Mounting Position Fire Door Inspections & Healthcare Facilities …

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Oct 03

Annual Fire Door Inspections are needed!


While opening my hotel room door during a recent business trip, I immediately noticed something was amiss.  We all have our system of struggling against the door to get ourselves and luggage through the opening with our hands full.  As I pushed my room door open with my shoulder it swung open easily and remained …

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Oct 01

Fire Door Assembly Inspections

On August 28th I was able to attend the “Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Swinging Fire Doors Webinar – Sponsored by DHI, FDAI, Door Security & Safety Foundation, & Interek.  The webinar was presented by Kristin Bigda, P.E., NFPA and Keith Pardoe, DHI. The first half of the webinar focused on the change in language …

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Aug 06

Design Hardware’s Buy American website


“Why didn’t anyone else think of this”, asked a potential customer last week when I was showing him Design Hardware’s Buy American  website. If you haven’t checked out the site recently give it a quick review.  You will find details showing how Design Hardware products qualify for most federal, state and military projects. In addition, …

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May 29

Standing up for Life Safety

Sign in Sheet copy

Monday night Zumba classes at my local gym are very popular.  A little too popular I fear. The classes have become so crowded that I avoid them like the plague, well like a fire emergency to be more exact. A couple of months ago I quit attending the Monday night classes and made a comment …

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Mar 15

New FBC Wind Maps

2010 Wind Map Category II

The 2010 Florida Building Code goes into effect today. I found an informative flyer on the FBC site referring to the changes on the wind maps that’s worth checking out. Here’s a clip: The wind speed maps in the 2010 FBCB have been revised significantly from the 2007 Florida Building Code. The primary changes are …

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Dec 27

Fire Rated Doors


I am sure that many of you have heard complaints about fire rated door requirements.  Especially when it’s holding up a project. Recently, a project that my distributor was working on was held up due to a missing label on a fire rated hollow metal door.  The result was a rush to remedy the situation …

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Nov 08

NOA Hurricane-Certified Design Hardware Exit Devices


Related PostsInstalling a Design Hardware Exit Device Additions to Design Hardware Website Design Hardware’s Keyed Removable Mullion Design Hardware Replacement Closer Incorrect installation of Door Closers

Dec 08

It is a fire rated corridor until one door is left open

The NFPA now requires annual inspections of fire-resistance rated door and frame assemblies. Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction must adopt the new edition for this requirement to take effect. Most jurisdictions in the United States will be adopting the IBC (International Building Code) model code, which references the NFPA 80 2007 edition requirement, as their local …

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Aug 23

Back to School

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Many families across the nation are adjusting to the demands of a new school year.  It seems like just yesterday my children were starting kindergarten but this year my three are going to college! Boy, how time flies.  It is sad to me that while I was walking the …

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