Mar 15

New FBC Wind Maps

The 2010 Florida Building Code goes into effect today.

I found an informative flyer on the FBC site referring to the changes on the wind maps

that’s worth checking out. Here’s a clip:

The wind speed maps in the 2010 FBCB have been revised significantly from the 2007 Florida Building Code. The primary changes are as follows:

  • Strength design-level (Ultimate) wind speeds replace the ASD-level wind speeds in the 2007

    Florida Building Code.

  • Wind speed maps are provided for each Risk

    Category (formerly Occupancy Categories) instead of applying an Importance Factor to the design pressure calculations for Risk Categories III and IV. The Importance Factor for wind loads has been deleted from ASCE 7-10.

Here are the new FBC wind maps for Category I & II Building & Structures.  All maps can be found on the FBC Site.  For a full description of each Risk Category, refer to Table 1604.5 in the 2010 FBCB.

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