Mar 16

More Friday Fun, Let’s go to the Movies!

What else is fun?  Going to the movies, that’s what!

I can remember going to my first motion picture movie.  My parents took my younger brother and I to the drive-in theatre.  Back in the day, the theatre would show a kids movie first, then the feature film for the grown-ups.

That night the kids’ movie was Disney’s “Gnome Mobiles”.  And to this day I can still sing the chorus to the song.  I was so mesmerized by the action being played out on the huge screen before me.  I was an instant movie fanatic.

My first date movie was Arthur with Dudley Moore. Every time I hear the theme song “Best that You Can Do”, I am immediately taken back to that theatre.

Watching the movie “The New Kids” as a teenager inspired my brother and I to start jogging.  It didn’t last long, but we did get out there a couple of mornings.

I love everything about going to the movies.  I love how cold it is in the theatre even on the hottest summer day.  I love the strange feeling you get when you went into the movies in the daylight and come out in the dark.   I love popcorn, over priced cokes and raisinets! I even love sitting through all the previews.

My taste in movies has drastically changed since the “Gnome Mobiles”.  I am a major action movie buff.   The more gunshots and blood shed the better.  Just recently, while watching “Cowboys vs Aliens”, I thought this is my kind of movie when two people are shot and killed in the first two minutes.

My favorite all time movie scene is in “Terminator II” when Sarah Connor is breaking out of the mental hospital and running toward the elevator.  When the elevator doors open, the Terminator from the first movie steps out.  In slow motion Sarah Connor drops to floor, screaming nooooo, while trying to scramble backwards.  Love it!

I love anything with Clint Eastwood (starring or directing), all the Lethal Weapons, Terminators 1 & 2, Rocky’s I-IV, First Blood, Die Hard and the list could go on and on and on.   I am one of those people that can watch a movie 20 times, or to my husband’s dismay, more.   Of course, I like more than just action movies but they are definitely my favorites.

I would love to hear your movie favorites. If you’re feeling lucky, punk, comment below.

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