Aug 24

Proper Jobsite Storage of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

rusty-metal-texture-redThe 2015 summer season has been wrought with torrential downpours in the southeast.  The first two weeks of August saw an accumulation of nearly 6″ of rain over parts of Florida.

With all of that moisture it’s important that your superintendents are aware of the proper jobsite storage of hollow metal doors and frames.

See below paragraph 4.1 regarding proper jobsite storage procedures, from The Steel Door Institute’s A250.8-2014 “Specifications for Standards for Steel Doors and Frames”.

All doors and frames shall be stored vertically under cover. The units shall be placed on at least 4” (102mm) high wood sills or in a manner that will prevent rust or damage. The use of non-vented plastic or canvas shelters that can create a humidity chamber shall be avoided. A ¼” (6.3mm) space between the doors shall be provided to promote air circulations. If the wrapper on the door becomes wet, it must be removed immediately. Proper jobsite storage is extremely important in maintaining the quality and integrity of the factory applied paint. IMPROPER STORAGE of material WILL HAVE an adverse effect on the factory applied paint’s ability to meet the requirements of ANSI/SDJ A250.10, “Test Procedure and Acceptance Criteria for Price Painted Steel Surfaces for Steel Doors and Frames” or ANDI/SDJ 250.3, “Test Procedure and Acceptance Criteria for Factory Applied Finish Painted Steel Surfaces for Steel Doors.”

It may be a good idea to include this paragraph in your submittal package as well as note it on order acknowledgements and invoices.  Going the extra mile to inform your customer of these procedures will pay off by helping the project run smoothly.

In the event that these procedures are not followed and rust appears on material, it should not be painted over. The proper course of action is to sand the material down to bare metal and re-prime.  Only then should the frames be painted per the manufacturer’s recommendations. It should be duly noted that painting over rust only hides the problem temporarily and creates a more serious future problem.

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