Feb 19

Hampton Inn’s Forever Young Initiative

For those that are just discovering the barn doors requirements for Hampton Inn’s Forever Young Initiative, here is a little information that may help you.

For hoteliers planning to build new Hampton Inns or spiff up their existing franchised properties, Hilton’s corporate leaders have launched an improvement campaign aimed at keeping the ubiquitous brand fresh for investors as well as guests.

Called the Forever Young Initiative, the 127-point refresh will benefit guests as the redesign of the hotel’s exterior, lobby and guests rooms will smack of modern influence. New amenities are geared to accommodate today’s leisure and business guests who travel a lot differently than they did even just five years ago.

One item on the 127 point initiative calls for the use of a sliding barn door to be used at the bathroom or shared between the bathroom and closet. It is actually a very clever design, saving space and using one door for two openings.


Barn Doors

1. A solid ‐ core, single panel, wood barn door must be at the bath or shared between the bath and closet where shown in the prototype drawings. Existing properties must refer to the FF&E Specifications ‐ contact Hilton Worldwide for room types not included.

2. Barn Door hardware must comply with the following:

a.Exposed system

b.Brushed Stainless finish

c.Concealed or decorative fasteners

d.Top mount door hangers

e.Adjustable bumper stops

f. Locking Hardware is not required.

3.If the door faces the guestroom entry, a mirror must be in set in to the panel on the entry side of the door.

The superior quality of Supa MDF Stile & Rail Doors make them a perfect choice for both full service and select service projects. The Hampton Inn’s “Forever Young Initiative” is an example of a perfect fit for Supa.

Approved with Hilton’s Suppliers Connection program, Supa Doors has custom tailored a quick, flexible, and ultra affordable Hampton Inn Forever Young Barn Door package.

IMG_3547 IMG_3544

If you are bidding on a Hampton Inn be sure to give me a call. I’d be happy to assist you with Supa Doors and the Forever Young Initiative.

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