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Nov 08

How to Replace a Door Closer

How to Replace a Door Closer Need to know how to replace a door closer quickly and cost effectively? Design Hardware’s 316R series closer makes replacing a door closer a breeze.  First the Closer  The 316R is a heavy duty door closer that meets ANSI A156.4 Grade 1 standards. It has a rack and pinion design and a cast aluminum body. It is a …

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Nov 18

What Is A Swing Clear Hinge?

What is a swing clear hinge? Swing clear hinges are special hinges that swing a door completely out of the opening. This allows for maximum clear width of the opening. A popular application for swing clear hinges is hospital corridors. Having the door tucked out of the opening reduces damage to the door edge by …

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Sep 22

Hinges: Residential vs Commercial

Hinges: Residential vs Commercial In this post we will outline some of the differences between residential and commercial hinges. I specifically say “some” as I am sure I do not cover all them. Please feel free to comment below with any additions. Keep in mind this article covers general differences, there are always exceptions. The …

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May 18

Hardware 101: Commercial Hinges

Introducing someone new to the industry?  These Hardware 101 Posts are for them. Here’s a short video on some hinge basics.

Oct 02

Correct Door Closer Mounting Position

It is no secret that I take pictures of doors. Myself, as well as others in my industry, like to bring awareness to the blatant disregard for fire and life safety codes and requirements we see during our travels. We also like to take pictures of unique hardware applications, beautiful and unusual doors, etc. But …

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May 28

What is a Hardware Mullion?

What is a hardware mullion? In the commercial door industry, a hardware mullion is a vertical element that is used with a pair of doors. In an active x inactive application when dealing with a pair of doors, the inactive door is most commonly equipped with flush bolts and a strike to receive the latch …

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May 23

Mesker Kerf Frames

Did you know Mesker has Kerf Frames? With Mesker Kerf Frames you no longer need to worry about stick-on weatherstripping not sticking, or taking the time to install the screw-on type of weatherstrip. Weatherstripping is an integral part of our Kerf Frame, providing a better seal for energy conservation and life safety compliance. Rubber weatherstripping …

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May 21

Design Hardware 116 Closer Makes the Grade – and more!

Design Hardware is proud to announce that their 116 Series Door Closer has reached 3.475 million cycles.  ANSI Grade 1 requires closers to reach 2.5 million cycles.  That means our closer makes the grade, and then some.  A 30% “and then some”. This video shows our closer performing time and time again as our cycle …

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May 14

Correct Installation of Exit Devices

Design Hardware knows how important the correct installation of our products is to your bottom line.   From the contractor to the tenant, bad installation can wreak havoc on your productivity. Design Hardware is proud to announce the latest tool in their arsenal to ensure the installation team has everything they need to properly install our …

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Feb 27

Rusty Closers

I don’t know why, but I was sort of surprised to find that closers had been mounted on the exterior side of  doors on the cruise ship. You would think it would be more obvious to mount the closers on the interior in such a corrosive environment as the ocean! I did see quite a …

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Feb 18

Mesker Southeast Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I was fortunate to have been able to travel last week on a business/personal trip.  My stops were our new Mesker Southeast Warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale, the Breakwater Hotel on South Beach, Jamaica and Grand Cayman (via the Celebrity Constellation) and finally back home. Since it is Monday we should start with the business part …

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Jan 11

Installation Demonstration in Knoxville

I am excited to be heading up to Knoxville this coming week for an installation demonstration.  We are bringing in an installation expert to demonstrate how to install hollow metal frames, doors and hardware.  Our valued distributor has a wall section built for us to use for the day.   They have invited customers to …

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