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Dec 19

Classroom Barricade Devices Are Not The Answer

The Door Security & Safety Foundation has launched a campaign to warn about the dangers of classroom barricade devices. Sadly, the growing number of school shootings have prompted the public to come up with solutions to locking down a classroom door without rconsidering the additional problems that these devices create. There are specific life safety …

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Nov 06

Supa Doors and the Forever Young Initiative

I’m sure you are aware of the steady increase in hospitality projects over the last 18 months. It is a huge improvement over the last few years when there was little to no activity in this sector. Between Mesker Door, Design Hardware and Supa Doors I am quoting at least 2 projects per week. I …

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Oct 30

Wilson Building Solutions is Proud To Represent Supa Doors.

A.G. Wilson Building Solutions is proud to welcome Supa Doors to the family of manufacturers we proudly represent. Supa Doors is a manufacturer of high end MDF Stile & Rail Doors. They have established an excellent reputation as one of the leaders in the MDF door industry. A Supa Door is an architecturally correct, authentic …

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Feb 28

R vs U Value

A customer recently inquired about R vs U Value, what do they mean and how do you read them. Always eager for the opportunity to learn something I began my research.  I found this information on The Green Building Advisor that explains it well.  Happy Learning!   “R-value is a measure of a material’s resistance …

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Jun 13

Fire Door Inspections & Healthcare Facilities

On May 30th, I had the pleasure of attending the DHI First Coast chapter meeting in Jacksonville, Florida.   The speaker was DHI’s CEO, Jerry Heppes Sr,. CAE. Jerry covered a variety of subjects during his hour at the podium.  I will be writing posts on each subject Jerry covered starting with his first topic:  fire …

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Jun 05

What are they waiting for?

I don’t want to be standing near this door with these screws finally give. Related PostsTools of the Trade PL2 Frame Set An Exit or Not an Exit? Annual Fire Door Inspections are needed! Standing up for Life Safety Inventive Latch Guard

May 15

Wordless Wednesday – Fire Rated Opening

I can’t talk, but you can!  Tell me what you think about this fire rated opening.  Related PostsGoing Up? True Innovation Stop the Abuse! 6 Month Old Opening, Disgraceful Unique Door Pull

Mar 11

Safety Hinges on Education

As with anyone tackling the current issue of security in our schools, I write this post with a heavy heart.   However, as part of the building industry, I feel I would be derelict in my role as an educator not to continue the call to action with the mission of keeping our children safe. We …

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Dec 10

Are you safe?

Having worked in the door & hardware industry for 18 years, I am passionate about fire and life safety.  I am registered with google keywords to receive an email every time the term “fire door” makes it in the news.  Unfortunately, most of those emails bring tragic news.  And even more unfortunate is the fact …

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Dec 05

Need Fire Door Solutions?

Need Fire Door Solutions?  Check out these new proucts. Fire Door Caulk and Fire Door Thru-Bolts are two new products designed to protect your facility’s UL labels on your fire rated door assemblies. Fire Door Caulk is the only tested and approved filler material for filling voids and through penetrations in existing listed and labeled wood fire doors. Using …

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Nov 28

Doors Must Remain Closed At All Times

I am glad it is wordless Wednesday because the following left me speechless! Doors Must Remain Closed At All Times Related PostsPeek-A-Boo…I don’t want to see you!

Oct 17

Exit Doors Too Inconspicuous?

On a recent business trip I was visiting a large outdoor gear shop and came upon these interesting doors.  The doors, as well as the walls on either side are covered with what looks to be tiles of tree bark. Although I do think they are architecturally pleasing, I wonder if they push the limit …

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