Oct 26

Logging those trail miles

Last week I found myself in an internationally renowned major resort city packed with gambling, shopping, fine dining and shows.  Las Vegas bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world. In spite of all that concrete and steel I was able to log in some trail miles.

On Saturday, I rented a car and headed to Red Rock Canyon.  I decided on a short, moderate hike so that I would have energy to gamble later! Not to mention that I felt naked without my normal hiking gear.  I hiked a little over a mile into the canyon on the Keystone Thrust Trail.  The climb was moderate and only gained 1000 feet in elevation. The dessert environment was very different than what I am used to.  It was beautiful, but I did miss my eastern mountain trees.

Keystone Thrust is the most significant geological feature of Red Rock Canyon.  It is part of a large system of thrust faults that extend north into Canada. For more information on Red Rock Canyon and it’s geographical wonders,  check out the Nevada Bureau of Land Management.

Even though the terrain would not be my ultimate choice in hiking destinations, I did enjoy the hike very much.  As soon as my feet hit the trail I was happy. I would definitely go back and plan to spend more time in the canyon.

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