Feb 19

Cause of Abandoned Construction in Jamaica?

IMG_1496Our first port of call was Falmouth, Jamaica.  Never having been out of the country before we weren’t sure what to expect. I have to admit it was a little daunting to see law enforcement officers standing along the roads with automatic weapons.

We took a bus shuttle from Falmouth to Montego Bay, specifically Doctor’s Cave Beach along the Hip Strip.  We did pass a couple of  landmarks along the way.

IMG_1501The first was the high school of Usain St. Leo Bolt, an Olympic gold medalist.  He is widely regarded as the fastest person, ever.  He is the first man to win 6 olympic gold medals in sprinting.  Jamaica has a lot of pride in their newest hero.

Rose Hall

The next notable landmark was Rose Hall.  Rose Hall is a Georgian mansion built in the 1700s. and was once home to a very large plantation.  According to legend, the spirit of Annie Palmer still haunts the grounds of the plantation.  She is called the white witch and is supposedly responsible the untimely deaths of 3 husbands.  The first of which was John Palmer, owner of the plantation.

We did notice an unusually large number of abandoned construction sites along the way.  There were numerous buildings abandoned at various stages of construction.  Some with just the block set with steel reinforcements sticking up into air to buildings that looked complete except for paint.  I tried to google the cause and came up empty handed.  If anyone has insight to this epidemic please comment below.  We would love to know the answer to this mystery.

IMG_1510We did make it safely to our destination.  Our day on the beach in Montego Bay was perfect.  The whether was warm and the skies and water were clear.  The water was indeed a beautiful turquoise as promised. I was able to spend 3 uninterrupted hours with my toes in the sand.



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