Feb 04

More Good News

Another article from the WSJ with a positive message and more good news!

As far as new contracts go, Skanska is the United States’ seventh largest construction company.   Still early in the year, they have over $400 million in projects lined up in the US.  They are aggressively looking for more with a focus on the Midwest, Texas and the West Coast.

Chief Executive, Johan Karlstrom, has spent the last four years overseeing operations in the US.  In a recent interview he stated that President Obama’s re-election sent a “strong signal” for the demand for additional health-care infrastructure including hospitals, outpatient centers and research laboratories.  There will also be a push for upgrades in energy facilities.

Aside from Skanska’s current focus they have already been busy with mega projects such as the New Jersey MetLIfe Stadium and erecting the steel structure for the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub’s transit station.   In a recent press release they announced being selected to construct the US Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group Complex in Fort Meade.

According to the article, US projects have accounted for 30% of their global revenue and that figure is on the rise.   By the end of the third quarter last year, 44% of their blacklog is work to be  constructed in the United States.  They are currently involved in a record amount of bidding for projects to be constructed on our soil.

On a local note, Maria Houle, who is a project executive with Skanska charged with business development in the Gainesville, Florida market recently joined our NAWIC chapter.  I look forward to working with Maria and learning more about Skanska’s plans for the future.

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