Aug 10

Welcome to the age of Ms. FixIt

According to the July issue of the NAWIC Image, women make up a fast-growing segment of the home improvement market. As many as 50% of all residential buyers at major home improvement stores are women.  Studies also show that women generally spend more than men.

What may be surprising is that 53% of married women are responsible for basic household maintenance and repair.   That may explain the success of Tomboy Tools, Inc.  What girl doesn’t want a pink power drill!  Also growing in popularity are sites like Mrs. FixIt that give women the knowledge to handle basic home repairs themselves.


I am always impressed that my BFF handles a lot of her own repairs. I asked her what resources she turns to when researching a problem, she sent me this photo and included youtube and her brother.  She also reads a few women DIY blogs like Pretty Handy Girl and Hammer Like a Girl.

To those women who dare to repair, I would love to hear where you turn to for information.


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