Aug 08

Florida Construction come back?

Here is a great article from Jeff Harrington of the Tampa Times that a fellow NAWIC member has shared. Beware:  It may boost morale!

It states that “Cost Estimators” are Number 1 on the Florida “Hot Jobs” list and specialty trade contractors are the fastest growing types of companies in Florida.

Florida construction industry on verge of a comeback, seers say, thanks to influx of newcomers


…Several factors set the stage for a construction comeback: the foreclosure glut is winding through the courts; home prices have been rising in recent months; and the inventory of available homes has fallen dramatically, from a four-month supply a year ago to just under three months.

The single biggest element fueling optimism, however, is demographics. Researchers predict the state’s population will grow by more than 600,000 over the next three years as it stays on track to overtake New York as the third-largest state.

As a recent report from the Legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research phrased it, Florida’s population growth will remain the “primary engine” fueling its economy.


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