Jun 13

Golf for Business?

Golf has long been considered a great way to do business in a less formal environment.  If used properly, golf can be an opportunity to develop and enhance lasting business relationships.

I have been telling everyone that I am learning golf for business.  Although it is not the only reason, it is the main answer to “why now”.  When I began my career as a manufacturers’ representative in a male dominated industry, I made the joke that my competition was taking my clients golfing, what was I supposed to do, take them to dinner and a movie?

As more women make the climb up the corporate ladder golf can be a very strategic tool.   When networking, I find it is a reliable topic of conversation to turn to when meeting both men and women.  Suzanne Woo has written a wonderful book for women on enjoying golf for business.  “Get on Course for Business”

How about you? Have you taken a customer out on the course.  A good tip is to do a little research up front.  When planning to play golf with a client, make it a three-some and invite someone that would make a good prospect for your client.  It will be an irresistible invitation.

Here are some links to some other great tips when golfing for business. http://www.golf.com/golf/special/article/0,28136,1732622,00.html

Here are a few pictures from my second golf lesson, chipping.

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