Jun 10

Women like it firm!

There is something that women talk about that men ought to know and I, in good conscience, can no longer keep quiet on the subject.

No, it is NOT whose is bigger.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  Actually it is whose is firmer.  Didn’t I just say get your mind out of the gutter because what I’m talking about are handshakes.

Before women made up almost 50% of the work force it was customary for a man to wait until a woman made the first gesture before shaking her hand.  He would then grab her fingers as if he were lifting her hand up to kiss.  But now that things have changed, it seems a lot of men are still unsure what women expect out of a handshake.

So gentlemen let me offer you this:  ALL of the women that I have spoken to on this subject through several decades of life absolutely hate wimpy handshakes.

What we do like is for you to take the entire hand in yours like you do another man’s (please do not just grab my fingers); give me a good firm grip and full shake.  When I say firm, I do not mean to break every bone in my hand (this is not a contest on who is stronger) but I want to know that my hand has just been shaken.

What I abhor is the dead fish handshake.  You can get your mind back in the gutter because when a man gives me a dead fish handshake I think of one thing.

So Men out there tell me, how do you shake a women’s hand?

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