Mar 23

Sharing something personal

I recently gave my first speech for my Toastmasters club with one day notice as the scheduled speaker had to cancel.  The first project to tackle in Toastmasters is the Ice Breaker speech.  With such little time to come up with and practice a speech, I knew I had to speak from the heart.  I decided to share something very personal, my vision statement.  Below is my entire speech, which did land me the “Best Speaker” blue ribbon (there were only two of us, and they were grading me on the first-timer’s curve).

I read that the purpose of the ice breaker speech is to give you, my fellow club members insight and understanding of me as an individual. I felt the best way to convey that was to share with you my personal mission statement.

After being introduced to the idea of a personal mission statement, it took me years to write one. I came up with many drafts but always knowing somehow that they weren’t quite right.  It was important that I get it right and develop a mission centered around my core beliefs.  Then one day there it was.   I couldn’t get to a pen quick enough as the lines poured out of me.

After doing some research I found out that what I created was actually more of a vision statement. It is written in the form of personal, positive affirmations.  These are things that I aspire to be or do, not things I think I have accomplished or become.  I know I will never consider these things as completed, to me they will always be a reminder of work left to do.

First, I will read you my vision statement, then I will reflect on each line and what it means to me.

Here is my vision statement.

I Love

I am Peace, Courage and Grace

I am Forever

I am Sanctuary

I am Free

I am Adventure

I Live

Now let me break it down to what that actually means to me.

I Love…I treat love as a verb.  I try to actively participate in loving actions toward each member of my family on a daily basis.  I put in my planner special things to do for my children, husband and extended family on a weekly basis.

I am Peace, Courage and Grace – is my commitment to the way I desire to handle problems or concerns. The week following writing this line I was put to the test and well, I can honestly say I failed miserably.  However, it did remind me to pick myself up, dust myself off and try another day!

I am Forever – reminds me that we all leave a legacy.  That the things I do today are forever remembered by my children and provide a model of behavior for them to follow and exercise long after I am gone.  It reminds me to utilize that space that resides between stimulus and response very wisely.

I am Sanctuary – inspires me to create a home that I love to, well, come home to.   A place that provides a safe haven for me, my family and friends.

I am Free – is strictly financial.  It reminds me to work hard and work smart with my business so that I am debt Free, so that I am Free from the worries of financial strain.

I am Adventure – Screams to me to say YES, to take chances, and to try new things.

I Live – is simply something we all do everyday.  Life is happening now.  It reminds me to be an active participant not just a bystander.

If you would like to learn about writing your own mission statement I would recommend reading “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.  A Personal mission statement is based on habit 2 of the 7 habits, “Begin with the end in mind”.   I read mine everyday.  I have created a vision board that lays under the glass on my desk so that I see it everyday.

I hope that by sharing my personal vision statement you have a better understanding of me as an individual.

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