Mar 24

NAWIC Jacksonville Meeting

I had a great time at NAWIC Jacksonville Chapter’s membership meeting on Tuesday night.  As with any NAWIC event there was a lot of laughing, fun and learning.

Jacksonville chapter’s very own Valinda Krynicki (aka Princess V) presented NAWIC’s Program in a Box “Hey, I remember her…” (Marketing Yourself). Valinda is the Business Development Representative for Universal Engineering Sciences and was a dynamic speaker.   She gave us excellent tips for stand out marketing and networking.  She had mentioned something that I just had to check out.  SendABall, is a company that puts messages and postage directly on a ball and sends it through the mail.  I can’t wait to send one! Other than the NAWIC program, Valinda also read us tips she received from the Construction Journal like:

“Build Relationships, Not Bid Packages. By J. Josephson

It’s a brand new world in the construction industry and it appears it will not return to its former self.  It’s time to stop chasing projects and start building relationships.  It’s time to differentiate yourself and get back to the roots of how business was founded.  It’s time to pay attention to track records – yours and your competitors.  It’s time to get smart.   Here are a few tips…click here for more.

It was a great presentation and I walked away with valuable tips.

The buzz around the table was that things are picking up, albeit slowly.  Rachel Rogers from Wells Fargo  shared that things in the finance industry were starting to loosen up.  Bebe Bingen with Batson-Cook said they were starting to see a little more private jobs where as the last year or so has mostly been government work.  After visiting their website I did see that the first thing Batson-Cook builds is the relationship! Overall there was optimism and excitement in the air.

Adrienne Fennell owner of Freedom Guide Consulting also came as a guest.  Freedom Guide Consulting is your personal career transition partner.  Adrienne came with her client, Kristen Gabriel.  Until recently, Kristen was working for a local architectural firm as a drafter and is now looking for work. (give a shout my way if anyone is interested in Kristen!)

Thank you Jacksonville Chapter for having me.  I can’t wait until I’m in town again!

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