Aug 20

Taking the Lead

Our Greater Gainesville Chapter of NAWIC was fortunate to be the host of Region 3 Leadership Training 2012.   Each year we get together to welcome, train and inspire the incoming board members for the chapters in our region. The headquarters of NCCER, The National Center for Construction Education and Research, was our home this great event.

Our morning started with an inspiring message from our National President Elect Cyndi Johnsen, via Skype.  Whatever percentage of your time you have volunteered to give, whether it be only 1%, give 100% effort to that 1% commitment.

I thought that was great advice to consider when filling a volunteer position.  Our overwhelmed work and family lives seem to get in the way of good intentions.  Remember to not over commit, but keep the commitments you do make.

We were fortunate to have Sean DeMartino, Division President, Florida Division of Balfour Beatty Construction as our Keynote speaker.  Sean shared with us some of his experiences serving on the ABC Central Florida Chapter Board of Directors. Sean’s message was about stepping up and delivering Relevant, Effective, Accountable Leadership, R-E-A-L.  He had good ideas on holding members and directors accountable for the success of an industry organization.

Leadership training is a great way to kick off a new NAWIC fiscal year. Hopefully other members are as inspired as I am to “kick it up a notch”.  Industry organizations would not exist without volunteers standing up to keep them going.  Even if you do not have the time to fill a position, remember that you joined for a reason.  Something as simple as attending meetings is a big help to the health of an organization.

A special guest star stopped by to show us how to use NCCER’s crane simulator.  Way to go NAWIC Architect Barbie!

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