Nov 06

NAWIC Chapter gets Hands-On BIM Training

The NAWIC Greater Gainesville Chapter was honored to hold our October meeting at the Rinker School of Construction on the UF Campus.  Dr. Ray Issa, Holland Professor & Director, Center for Advanced Construction and Environment, provided us with a short lecture then hands-on training of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Building Information Modeling (BIM), is the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.  BIM is the process of generating building data allowing for management of this data through the building’s life cycle.

BIM provides thorough virtual building, eliminating many of the uncertainties found during the actual construction phase. This method of management is far more practical and efficient than previously existing methods.

The BIM method produces three-dimensional drawings that include building geometry, spatial relationships and properties of individual building components.  These individual components carry actual attributes including specification information, costs, selecting and ordering properties, etc.  This makes the estimating process far more effective and efficient.

Our group was excited to move to the computer labs and have actual hands-on training with BIM using Revit.  I was able to draw a masonry wall and include a door and window.  Our time in the lab was way too short and we were all asking for a second lesson!  We will keep you posted on future opportunities to get your hands wet with BIM.

Our sincere appreciation to Dr. Issa and the entire UF Rinker School of Construction.


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