Nov 15

Sharing the Commercial Door & Hardware Industry

I had the opportunity to participate with my NAWIC Chapter in “Career Talks”  with a local girl scout troop.

I was putting together some things to show the girls what exactly I did for a living ie plans, specifications, a handing chart, etc.  My 19 year old daughter walks in and asks what I’m doing.  After telling her that I was sharing what I did for a living with a group of young ladies, she says “you should teach them how NOT to sell doors!”  Ha Ha, I said, then reminded her that this industry has helped to support her for 17 of her 19 years!.

It is a little crazy what we do, and it’s certainly hard to explain our field to other people but the Commercial Door & Hardware Industry has been “crazy” good to me.  I am fortunate to have stumbled into Pleasants Contract Hardware as a temporary receptionist so many years ago.

Below is a picture of me, Joy Gotwalt, with Joytech Construction, the troop leader and several of the young ladies we had a chance to chat with.


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