Aug 05

Need a Door and Hardware Installer?

Ever been to a movie where someone other than the star steals the show? Like Rupert Everett did in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. On a recent jobsite visit that’s exactly what happened.

On Wednesday, July 27th representatives from Mesker Door, Best/Stanley, Oshkosh Door, UGA Housing Authority, Juneau Construction and Architectural Door & Hardware met to discuss a locking issue at a UGA Dormitory project.

We were told that a representative from the installation company, Foucher Door, would try to juggle his very busy schedule and make an appearance.

And make an appearance, he did.  As soon as Jonathan Foucher joined our group, he commanded.  But, I have to admit when I first saw Jonathon, I thought he was rather young and I “assumed” inexperienced.  I didn’t think he would be much help.  Boy, was I wrong and hope I learned a final lesson about making assumptions.

As soon as Jonathon started to speak he was recognizable as an experienced and confident door & hardware installer.  We began to follow his lead while moving from opening to opening to discover the heart of the issue.

I noted that the doors seemed to have been installed very well.  There was a nice reveal around the entire perimeter of the opening.  After some measuring, the frames appeared to be installed true & plumb.

Someone else from our group was also impressed with his talents and asked him how long he had been an installer.  Jonathan answered since he was four years old!  I guess that explains it.  Even though he was young, he had already put in many years learning the art of installing doors from his father, David P. Foucher.

I told Jonathan that his passion for installing doors showed through in his attitude and his work.  He said that he loves his work because he is good at it.  And he is!

So if you need to hire a Door and Hardware Installer hit me up for Jonathan’s contact information.


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