Aug 02

Skype and DHI? Give it a try!

Skype played a big role in the leadership training seminar that I attended a couple of weeks ago for NAWIC, the National Association of Women in Construction.

Two national board members who could not make the event in person, were there with us via Skype.  The receiving computer was simply hooked up to a projector and their live image filled a large screen. The guest speakers fully engaged with us by answering questions at the end of their speech.  It was truly like they were physically there.

How could you utilize this innovative technology?

I was talking with Wendy Felt, the Marketing Director for DHI and she had the wonderful suggestion to host a DHI Lunch event and skype in on Forum for the Future during the DHI Conference for those who cannot attend.  I thought it was a great idea and definitely worth sharing.  Hook up with your local DHI Chapter and discuss the idea.  It could turn out to be a valuable event.

Another idea is to have your entire staff join in on webinars.  DHI, The Door Security & Safety Foundation as well as numerous construction related companies such as Reed Construction Data are offering informative educational webinars.  You do not even need skype for this. Just hook your laptop up to a projector and join in on the webinar. Makes great use of the conference room!

If you have heard the hype about skype but are unsure of exactly what it is, go to www.skype.com.  All you need to utilize this technology is a computer and the internet.  The Skype software is free.  Just go to the website and download the software and register an account.  Then start communicating with business associates, family and friends.

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