Jan 20

Are your Profits Blowing out the Door?

This is a picture that I took while traveling to the Florida panhandle on a business trip.  It was a cold day and the draft coming through the door made blow drying my hair extremely uncomfortable.  I couldn’t believe the amount of energy and money being wasted by the lack of something so simple, weatherstripping. I held a tissue in front of the door to capture the force of the draft.  I recommend trying this on your doors both inside and out to see if you need to update or add weatherstripping.

Are you keeping up with maintenance?   You may not think you have it in the budget, but the truth is you don’t have the budget NOT to keep up with it.  In this case, the cost of weatherstripping pales in comparison to the costs wasted on trying to keep my room warm.

Don’t let your profits slip away.  Doors and hardware can be the most complex aspect to your maintenance team.  Contact me for a door & hardware sales/service professional in your area.

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