Jan 19

Region 3 Director Candidate

Jean L. Cox, CBT, an active member of the Greater Orlando Chapter of NAWIC for 14 years is a candidate for Region 3 Director 2011-2013.

Our Greater Gainesville Chapter had the pleasure to have Jean as our January speaker and learn more about her and her desire to be our region’s director.

Jean is the Division Business Manager for John N. Puder, a division of Moretrench, a geotechnical contracting company located in Orlando, FL.  Before being bought by Moretrench American Corporation in October, 2008, Jean had risen to Vice-President of John N. Puder, Inc.  Jean attributes her affiliation with NAWIC over the past 14 years as the catalyst for her successful career growth.

During our meeting Jean stated, “I have the time, the employer support and the desire to step up to the next level of NAWIC”.

Thank you Jean for spending time with us and sharing your NAWIC story.

NAWIC is currently seeking Director candidates and is requesting your assistance in seeking and encouraging qualified members to submit for candidacy for Region Director for odd-numbered NAWIC Regions. Those interested must submit NAWIC Director Candidate Profile form to the NAWIC Executive Vice President postmarked no later than 30 days before the Forum election with all sections completed as specified on the form. In Region 3 the cut-off date is March 8, 2011.  If you have given any thought to being a director but like more information, click here.

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