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May 16

She’s not a little girl anymore

I took my daughter, Austin with me on a business trip out of state to check in a large Design Hardware order.  It was a chance to spend time together before she embarks on her adult journey. We had not traveled any distance together over the last couple of years as she was a teenager …

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Apr 26

Design Hardware Projects

Design Hardware Products are widely accepted in the Division 8 sector of the commercial construction industry. Below, you will find a list of projects where Design Hardware products played a majority in the hardware offering, including locksets, exit devices, electrified hardware, door closers, hinges, flat goods and accessories. Feel free to contact us if you …

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Apr 18

Design Hardware Resources

Are you aware of all the resources that Design Hardware has to offer.  Here are just a few of the sales tools available for your use. Design Hardware has developed videos to demonstrate installations of their products.  Packaged w/ easy-to-follow instructions & templates, products are easy to install with the efficiency installation crews love. Design …

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Mar 28

Have a slamming door? Design Hardware Door Closers can help!

Temperature changes may be affecting the operation of your door closer.  As the seasons change and temperatures become hotter the hydraulic fluid inside a common door closer becomes thinner causing the door to close more rapidly.  No business owner, or mother for that matter wants the possibility of little hands getting slammed in a door …

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Jan 26

3 Types of Jobs

I saw this sign while visiting one of my distributors.  I chuckled because it seems so true but it keeps popping into my head. Thanks Gene’s Glass for the great material! I remember when a project took at least 6-12 months now it seems like the norm is 3 and even that is not fast …

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Jan 21

Design Hardware Installation Videos

The installation of commercial door hardware products can often be frustrating and time consuming.  Design Hardware has developed videos to help you with the installation of their various products.    Packaged not only with easy-to-follow instructions and templates, but also various screw types (self-taping, wood etc..) and multiple strike plates, everything you need in one box. …

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Jan 20

Are your Profits Blowing out the Door?

This is a picture that I took while traveling to the Florida panhandle on a business trip.  It was a cold day and the draft coming through the door made blow drying my hair extremely uncomfortable.  I couldn’t believe the amount of energy and money being wasted by the lack of something so simple, weatherstripping. …

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Nov 15

The end is really the beginning

Want an opening to end user relationships? So, what do you do after the project is over?  If you are asked for a maintenance package do you keep a copy? Do you make one even if it’s not required? An idea I had when I was a distributor was to follow up with the end …

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Oct 25

AIA Jacksonville Trade Show

The AIA Jacksonville Trade Show was a rewarding event.  It offered me an intimate environment to speak one on one with architects about the products I represent. Two architects specifically requested I contact them in the next few weeks.  That is invaluable. I will definitely be back next year and look for other AIA events …

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